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Кстати говоря, я напомню, что завтра состоится объявление лауреатов премии “Просветитель”, которая как раз занимается научно-популярной литературой, литературой нон-фикшн, то есть не художественной литературой. Ну и, как всегда, довольно много любопытных книг. В числе финалистов этой премии, помимо уже известных авторов, вроде Аси Казанцевой, которая на сей раз в финале с книгой “В интернете кто-то неправ!”, вплоть до книжек, которые связаны с такими вроде бы скучными областями.

Congratulations! Marjo T. Nurminen and Juha Nurminen accept the Fordham Award at the Royal Geographical Society in London | John Nurmisen Säätiö

In May this year, the Foundation was able to announce a veritable cartographic scoop, when the distinguished Royal Geographical Society in London granted the Fordham Award to Marjo T. Nurminen and Juha Nurminen for their joint research and writing work on the cultural history of maps.

Marjo T. Nurminen: “Die Welt in Karten” – Eine aufregende Weltreise

Die Dokumentation “Die Welt in Karten” über die Vermessung der Welt erzählt mehr, als rein Geografisches. In den Weltbildern gibt Marjo T. Nurminen auch Auskunft über Wissenschaft, Kunst und Politik – sie sind mit Leidenschaft zusammengestellt.

The German translation of The Mapmakers’ World, titled “Die Welt in Karten”, was published in the autumn of 2017. The radio channel Deutschlandfunk Kultur broadcast a programme on the book with the heading “Eine aufregende Weltreise”, which means “an inspiring journey around the world’. The book received high praise in the programme, which also pointed out that it is compiled with passion and precision, and guides us to an understanding of how the European worldview was born, and how it is depicted on world maps from the Middle Ages until the dawn of the modern era.

In the autumn of 2017, Marjo T. Nurminen’s The Mapmakers’ World was published in Russian, titled “Mir na karte”. Soon after publication, the book was showcased in a TV programme dedicated to non-fiction, called “The order of words” or ’Порядок слов’ in Russian. The renowned Russian literary critic Nikolai Alexandrov had chosen what in his opinion were the five best non-fiction books from those published last autumn. One of them was Marjo T. Nurminen’s book ‘Mir na karte’.

The book is presented in the programme at 15:45 minutes. Nikola Alexandrov begins: ‘The Paulsen publication house has published a brilliant new book, ‘Mir na karte’. The author, Marjo Nurminen, has written an absolutely fantastic book, where the evolution of geographical maps is explained in a professional and highly interesting manner (…) Who owns world maps, owns the world (…) A book is the best gift for any festive occasion, but Nurminen’s book is a celebration in itself”.

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